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Save Additional RM200

for every RM1,000 spent at participating booth.
Get this Early bird Rebate Voucher at Registration Counter.
First Come first served.

在参展单位每消费RM1,000. 您将节省
额外的 RM200. 记得在报名处领取你的早鸟
回扣卷. 先到先得.

Register Yourself as a Visitors

and stand a chance to
WIN Special Reigister Price


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Enjoy Fabulous FREE GIFT

every RM1,000, RM3,000, RM5,000,
RM8,000 and RM10,000 that you
have spend.

每消费RM1,000, RM3,000, RM5,000, RM8,000 RM10,000将获赠超棒的免费赠品.

Be the Earliest 300 Shoppers

daily to spend RM100 to register at our Registration Counter to get a FREE Water Bottle.

每日我们将送出300份精美水瓶予首 300位现场消费达RM100以上的顾客.

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Win instant cash up to RM50,000

You will entitle for one (1) chance when you spend or pay a minimum deposit of RM500.

只要消费或支付至少 RM500的定金, 你将有机会参与抽奖

Spend as much as you can

Spend as much as you can and stand a chance
to win your DEPOSIT back.

尽情花费, 有会赢回您的定金.

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Spend RM300 for one Lucky Chance

and stand a chance
to WIN fabulous prize! 10 prize awaiting you.


Spend RM300 and stand a chance to win cash

3pm, 6pm, 9pm
everyday 3 section
awaiting you!

整点疯狂抽奖花费满RM300就有机会于每日3pm, 6pm, 9pm整点赢取现金RM688.

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Be the Earliest Visitors

daily to register at our registration counter and
you’ll get to buy selected items at SPECIAL price.


Spend a minimum 0f RM3,000

Spend a minimum 0f RM3,000 in a single receipt to purchase our
selected household items at incredible price

只要单张收据消费满RM3000 即可用超优惠的价格购我们的特定家用电器.

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