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MEGAHOME, strives to provide the best solution and centralize platform which brands are looking-Recognition, Exposure, Engagement in consumer market. In order to achieve our vision and mission, we are committed to solve the needs and requirements of our beloved stakeholders, which or where customers’ satisfaction act as our main priority.

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Booth Info

Shell Scheme Booth

Exhibition space (3 meter x 3 meter)

Fascia board with booth number & company name

1 unit of information counter

2 units of folding chairs

1 unit 13amp power point

Needle punch carpet

2 units of fluorescent lights

1 unit of wastepaper basket

Booth Info

Bare Space

Bare space exclusive of design, construction and Fittings.

Space Area (3 meter x 3 meter)

Exhibitor responsibility to put an acceptable booth presentation and a copy of the design must be submitted to the organizer for approval before the construction can commence.

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